Who I am


I'm Serena and I'm happy to introduce you SoSolido, l'Italian e-shop where you can buy a wide selection of solid soap made in Italy by micro and small businesses, using natural and sustainable ingredients.

The passion for solid cosmetics and the belief that each of us can make a difference for the environment and society are the basis of SoSolido.

I worked for many years in the Supply Chain Management field for important multinationals and, in that context, I began to become aware of the importance of sustainability, an issue that is becoming fundamental for many companies (finally!).

This experience ignited a spark in me, a passion that could no longer be ignored, together with that for solid cosmetics. So SoSolido was born, the result of my desire to create something tangible, concrete

But SoSolido is not just an online store.

SoSolido aims to be a message of change. It's how I want to inspire you to make a difference in your daily routine. I want to show you that it is possible to combine beauty and effectiveness with sustainability. I want you to fall in love with solid soap, like I did.

SoSolido is a platform that supports Italian micro and small businesses, offering them a space to showcase their creativity and commitment to producing high quality solid soap. Every purchase on SoSolido represents a direct support to these companies, allowing them to grow and continue to create sustainable products.

So, join me on this mission. Let SoSolido show you the power of solid products and their positive impact. Start transforming your beauty routine, start making an informed choice.

I'll wait for you on SoSolido. Together, we can make the world stronger and more sustainable.